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Dr. Terry L. Mize has over 50 years in global ministry with an emphasis on missions, faith, authority and miracles. His goal has always been to reach the unreached and tell the untold; constantly working to win the lost, train Christian leaders and care for orphans. Terry strives to always be “About the Master’s Business”.

Terry L. Mize is a husband, dad, grandfather, author and speaker. He’s the founder and president of Terry Mize Ministries and The Jackie Mize International Children’s Foundation.

Giving Living Bread to Dying Men Around the World.

Terry's passion has always been to reach the unreached and tell the untold. He has spent nearly 50 years preaching salvation to the lost, teaching missions, faith and authority to the believer, and ministering God's healing power to all.

When Terry and Renee´aren't traveling overseas, they are ministering in churches, bible schools and conventions in the United States. Miracles are prominent in their ministry as they teach the integrity of God's Word.


Wie Gott Dich sieht

Terry Mize - Minibuch 45 S.

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