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  • Englisch - T.L. Osborn: The Big 10 (3 CD´s)
  • Englisch - T.L. Osborn: The Big 10 (3 CD´s)
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T.L. Osborn: The Big 10 (3 CD´s)

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T.L. Osborn: The Big 10 (3 CD)

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Autor/in: T.L. Osborn


The Big 10
A collection of evangelism crusace sermons, preached by Dr. T.L. Osborn 

"If you were dropped in the middle of a steaming jungle village and left there for 10 days; if these were the last 10 days of time on earth; if these villagers never had another chance to hear the Gospel, what would you preach?"

With these words, God challenged T.L. Osborn, in a vision wich changed the course of his whole ministry, and caused the "Big 10" to be born.

Over the past decades, these 10 simple and effective audio Gospel massages have been carried by tens of thousands of national preachers into remote areas and villages of the world, announcing the Gospel of Christ - in over 70 languages and dialects - confirmed by miracles. Receive Faith for miracles as you listen.

CD 1                                                        CD 2                                                                 CD 3
1. The Miracle of Christ                            5. The Cripple Walks                                         9. Prayer and Miracles
2. Only Believe                                         6. Good News                                                   10. What in Means to be Saved
3. The Blind Beggar                                  7. The Boy with Fever                                        11. Bonus Track
4. Healing of the Lepar                              8. The Incurable Woman                                    Instruction to Soulwinners

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